Congrats on being jobless

Congratulations you finished college! You just put thousands of dollars towards a piece of paper. You now have an education (probably in something you are sick of), and a degree that says you passes all the tests that mattered. Now you have no job or better yet a job in retail, and have to start paying back your college loans at $500 a month, when each bi weekly check is $200.  Congrats.

Luckily for me that has not been the case. I got my “big girl job” six months before I graduated college. They let me leave early one day a week to attend my final 2 classes, if I promised to bake them goodies on a weekly basis. Seven months into my “big girl job” I have graduate at the top of my class, and still bake on a bi weekly basis to keep my job.

However most college graduate are not as lucky as I am, they can spend weeks, moths, or years looking for a job in their field only to find themselves, broke, bored, and living with their parents (not that there is anything wrong with living with your parents, definitely cheaper, love you Mom). It is almost unfair how the college system works, they say that they will help you find a job however once you graduate they do not want anything to do with you.

Once you graduate you may be super lucky, like myself, and hate the field that you majored in. Then what? Four more years of school, digging yourself even deeper into the debt pool, finally graduating with another degree and STILL not have a job. 


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